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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Planting trees - improving the environment for future generations

Yesterday the children carried out important environmental work which will benefit future generations.  A large number of native tree saplings were planted in the field adjoining the northern end of the playground.  The plantation is temporarily shielded by fencing while a hedging of hawthorn grows around it.  This will provide a shelter belt for animals as well as protection for the saplings as they grow.  Future generations of children will enjoy visiting this nature area when studying habitats and eco-systems in science lessons.  At the same time, the children also filled in areas of hedging to the rear of the school to complete a natural border to the premises.


We're extremely grateful to the Dent Family for allowing us to create this nature area in their field and to the village tree planting group led by David Evans and Drew Woodward.  David and his wife Sylvia, who is a governor in our school, supported the children as they planted the trees yesterday.


Planting trees helps our environment in many ways:

  • They absorb carbon to help fight the climate crisis
  • They produce oxygen for us to breathe and absorb pollutant gasses
  • They help prevent flooding - large trees can consume up to 100 gallons of water per day
  • They create habitats for all sorts of wildlife from squirrels and bats to bees, owls and woodpeckers
  • They improve soil quality by reducing erosion, improving fertility and adding moisture to the ground


Today's work complements further environmental action: an orchard of fruit trees is currently been planted in place of a previously derelict area of playground to the western side of the school.


The children of Crosby Ravensworth CE Primary School are proud to play a small part in helping the community tree-planting group with their aim to enhance the landscape of the parish for future generations to enjoy.  The group have been supported with grant aid from Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership, which you can read more about here.