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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

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 The History of the Railways

This term, we're studying the history of the railways.  There's a topic planning overview below, which shows you the sequence of lessons that we'll be covering.


The first lesson is about the earliest locomotives. 

Go to twinkl

Login with the user name: and the password: April2020

Now you'll need to visit this link.  It should open a file of documents.  

It should open a file of documents.  Open the powerpoint - it's the class lesson.  Read through it carefully and discuss with someone at home.  

There are some activity sheets under 'resources'.  1star is easiest, 3stars are hardest.  If you're not able to print-out, don't worry, just have a look through.


And finally.... an optional extra!


Would you like to try to make Stephenson's Rocket by junk-modelling at home?

I made one last year with my children - I used the inside of a toilet roll, some lolly-pop sticks and some cotton wool.  We painted it yellow and black.  It wasn't that good, I can assure you!! If you think you could make something better, please have a go and send me the pictures so I can put them in the Hall of Fame.


Good luck!