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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Good morning - it's Tuesday.


It's still raining here in South Lakes.  Freda tells me it was very windy in Crosby Ravensworth yesterday; she was busy tending her vegetable patch when I spoke to her and she mentioned how much she misses you all.  How many of you grow vegetables in your gardens?  Are you helping your parents to look after them this year?  It's a great healthy hobby to develop.


Please follow Tuesday's lessons for Maths and English only through the TV channel AND by visiting the links for the day's lessons.  If you are worried that you are unable to follow BBC Bitesize because you don't have a TV licence, please email me and I will provide a tutorial on using the government's Oak Academy home learning website.



The week's lessons, which have been split into days and age ranges, can be seen here

Click here to watch a video about Bitesize Daily on facebook


  • Daily lessons are here!  Follow the link to open up the full menu of age-appropriate daily lessons. Each lesson is backed by a range of fun videos, games and activities. You can continue to use your home learning exercise books and maths books to write in.  The links below take you straight to your year group for today.



Little bit of something else -  - French


I think most of you started working through the new resource which was posted last week.  I hope you're enjoying it.  The link is here: French Home Learning SoW  Please work through at your own pace, starting with the easiest activities first and then (perhaps for older children) gradually building to some of the harder ones.


Please remember that Madame Frizzy also sent another link from PLN  to access some more French. There are a selection of videos including a short mindfulness one which can be visited at this link: French Home Learning YouTube Playlist


For those of you who are still completing the 'Explore France' modules,  You can still follow the link here.