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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Hi Timmy!  Welcome back to Phonics!  Are you ready to get started?  Great!


Activity 1.  Let's begin by going over some of the sounds you've already learnt with a game of Musical Sounds.  Rebecca, if you can choose a selection of sound cards to lay out in a circle.  Timmy, you have to run or skip around the circle and when the music stops, say the sound you are standing next to!  Hers's a music link to help you!



Activity 2.  Timmy, what can make the leaves rustle or a kite dance?  Here's a clue ...





The Wind!  What is the sound at the beginning of the word?  w .Can you practise making the w sound with the action?




Click on the link to watch the video about the w sound.


Do you remember the magic wands we have in school?  Pretend you are holding a magic wand and draw a w in the air.  How many can you do properly?


Activity 3.  Some words have been caught in a spider's web!  Can you read them?



Activity 4.  Let's pretend that our pen is a magic wand! Can you make words magically appear on your white board?  Listen carefully to the words and see if you can write them!


win, web, wag, wind, wand, will.

Activity 5.  Tricky Words.  It's been a while since we've done some Tricky Words.  Here's a new one for your pot!




Activity 6.  Let's make a spider's web!




You can make it from paper, like the picture.  Follow the link for instructions:


Or perhaps you could make one from string or wool?  Have fun!