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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Running- changing speed

1. Do a bit of a warm-up first.

2. Now move about in the garden, changing direction and listen for your parent to tell you to change speeds. Slow-jog, fast- sprint. 


 ‘How does your body feel? How was your body moving? How do you know? How should our arms/legs look like if you were jogging/sprinting? Which way of moving was the most tiring?’ 


3. Play 'changing gear'. Listen for your parent to call out the gears.


1st Gear: walk   2nd Gear: skip   3rd Gear: jog   4th Gear: run   5th Gear: sprint


4. Can you now make a circuit in the garden where you have to move in different gears for each portion?


Mrs Csmiley