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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Year 2

BIG MATHS:  Maximum 10 minutes


Fact Families 3:  Give your child a missing number problem.  They write out a fact family (two additions and two subtractions) in order to find the answer.  For example:  ? + 17 = 25


Your child would write:  ? + 17 = 25

                                      17 + ? = 25

                                       25 - ? = 17

                                       25 - 17 = ?

The last calculation is probably the easiest to work out enabling them to find the missing number.  Try these...

  • 13 +  ? = 28
  • ? + 11 = 34
  • ? - 15 = 12
  • ? - 7 = 19


LEARN ITS:  Practice your 3x table using hit the button of any other method you like!  They have some good resources for times tables on the espresso website if you want to check those out?  Also check out the link below to learn your tables



Measuring Temperature


You will need a thermometer


Discuss with you child where you might find a thermometer and why we use them (to see how hot/cold things are):

  • Taking body temperature to check if ill (What should our body temp be?)
  • Thermometer in fridge/freezer to ensure correct temperature
  • To check the temperature outside
  • To check temperature of other countries when going on holiday
  • When cooking etc


If you have a thermometer at home have a go at measuring different temperatures.  You could have cups of water at various temperatures, go outside and take the temperature, put it in the fridge and read the temperature etc.  You child may need a little support in reading the scale.


Have a look at pg22 of pupil book, today's lesson is not just about marking temperature on the scale but adding and subtracting too.  Use the scales on the thermometer to help add/subtract.