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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'



2019 - 95.3%

2018 - 96.7%

2017 - 94.9%



Attendance commentary

Attendance in school can be skewed by our small roll.  Attendance last year ran at 95.34%, a dip which is explained by the 51.3% attendance of one pupil who joined in January with preexisting non-attendance issues.  Attendance in 2018 was strong, exceeding the county's target of 96%.  The dip to 94.9% in 2017 was largely affected by a child's absence for a half term due to family emergency. 


The government's target for pupil attendance is at least 95%, Cumbria's target is 96%.  Parents should follow the link to read more about the basis for this information.  The effect that absence has on children's educational development is documented here.

Exceptional Circumstances explained