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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


The government's target for pupil attendance is at least 95%, Cumbria's target is 96%.  Parents should follow the link to read more about the basis for this information.  The effect that absence has on children's educational development is documented here.

Requesting term-time absence

 To make a request for absence, please download and complete a form from the link below or ask the school office to provide a paper copy.  The school should receive adequate notice of at least a week for such requests.  Authorization for absence is rare and will only be given in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the head teacher taking into account the following criteria:


  • The special circumstances of the situation
  • That attendance for the child is 95% or better over the preceding 12 weeks before the leave is taken.
  • The leave is not taken during tests or examinations or in the immediate run up to the KS2 SATS.
  •  Whether previous absence has been authorised during the academic year.
  • The absence interferes with transition activities arranged for Year 6
  • The child’s age, stage of education, progress and general attendance.


  The decision will be communicated to parents and a record kept in school.


Other authorised circumstances 

  • Participation in sporting activities, educational visits or educational trips as defined by the headteacher.
  • Sickness, unavoidable health appointments, exceptional family circumstances or religious observance including funerals.
  •  During enforced closure of the school due to bad weather or other emergency situations  

Fixed penalty notice

The headteacher has the right to issue fixed penalty notices to parents/carers who compromise the education of their child/children through the persistent taking of unauthorised absences.  A letter to the parent confirming that a leave of absence has not been authorised must be sent and include a warning as appropriate that a penalty notice may be issued in future.

The local authority has an enforcement policy which can be read here. Please also read their February 2024 letter to parents explaining the policy.