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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Year 1

Hi Rowan, Cooper and Lucy,

Spelling- days of the week


This week we are learning the days of the week in order. Year 1's are also expected to know how to spell them all.  (Lucy can just practise reciting the order.)

Please watch this video about Marty the zookeeper (the top pink video)


Each day please write the day before on a whiteboard. Please point out the initial capital letter to your child. Then they can practice:

  • looking at it and spelling it out
  • covering it and spelling it - check
  • writing it down  - check


Today please can they practise writing Saturday and Sunday.

Writing- Diaries


This week we are looking at diary writing. Please talk to your child about why someone might write a diary and explain how they can be useful historical documents to find out about the past - they may remember the diary of Samuel Pepys that we looked at in history. Usually they are written on the same day but as I know most of you like to do your schoolwork in the morning, we are going to write about the day before. Please ask your child to read my diary entry below. They may need some help.



Sunday 30th May 2020


On Sunday it was a lovely sunny day. After I had eaten a delicious breakfast of a boiled egg on toast and a cup of tea, I went on a walk with a friend to Oddendale. It was very hot and I drunk lots of water. In the afternoon I did some weeding in the garden and put some netting over my cabbages to stop the pesky butterflies from laying their eggs on them. (The eggs develop into caterpillars that will then eat my plants!) In the evening I watched a funny film.

In their writing book I would like your child to write a diary entry of at least 3 sentences for yesterday. Kids remember to add these features:


  • write the date at the top
  • to say what you are going to write out loud before you write it
  • start sentences with a capital letter and finish with a full stop or exclamation mark
  • use 'and' to join sentences
  • add some describing words