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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'



Hi Timmy!  Welcome to your Wednesday Phonics!  Let's get started!

Activity 1.  Rebecca, please select sound cards for j,w,x,y,z,zz,qu,ch,sh,th,ng.  Place them in a Pile.  You will also need three hats at the opposite end of the room.  Timmy, you need to put on a hat, run up and choose a sound card and say that sound!  Here's a link to some music:-



Activity 2.



Rebecca, please read the following sentence to Timmy.  I want to see if he can hear a sound that is repeated.  (ai)


"The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."


Let's watch the video about the sound:



Practise the action and the sound.

Activity 3.  Follow the link to a fun game to practise words with our new sound.  Click on Play and choose the ai sound.

Activity 4.  Have a look at these pictures.  Can you write what they are on your whiteboard?






Activity 5.  Tricky Words.  Have a look at  your Tricky Words Workbook and choose a page you would like to do today.


Activity 6.  We see a lot of rainbow images at the moment.  Can you paint a picture that has a rainbow in it?