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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'



Recap the creation story.


Watch the BBC video below about the AMAZING world that God made.  Discuss the things that you love most about the world; is it the firey volcanoes, the enormous mountains or the vast seas?


Choose from one of the following activities or do both!


1.  Draw a picture of our amazing world including all your favourite things - colour or paint it!


2.  Write an acrostic poem about our world.  Try and use some good describing words, rhyming words or alliteration (the wonderful waves wash over the shore) in your poem.  See example below...



Wonderful waves wash onto the shore

On top of the gigantic mountain sits the white snow

Rainforests full of amzing wildlife

Lava spills from the vast volcanoes

Dense forests and my favourite