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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Phonics:  Sound for this week is S  

Silly sentence:   Sid the squiggly snake slithers slowly down the slope. Clap it, sing it, bang a drum ( or pan).  Can you make your own silly sentence.

 Do you remember how we clap our names: Jack- 1 clap; Evie- 2claps; Katherine- can be 2 or 3 depending on how you want to say it; Elijah- 3claps and Katalina- 4 claps.

  1. Your challenge is to find an object in your house or think of an animal whose name has the same number of claps as yours. Parents it is the number of syllables in the word- the objective being to hear the rhythm of speech.
  2. S Treasure Hunt – easy- Find something beginning with S; medium- Find 5 things beginning with S; Big Challenge – How many things can you find beginning with S in 5 minutes?