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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Phonics:  Sound for this week is g

Silly Sentence: The greedy girl gobbled a great big bunch of grapes.

Animal sounds

To play this game you could make an animal dice using an offcut of wood in a cube shape and draw animals on each side or you could just use picture cards face down.

To play the game take it in turns to either roll the dice or turn over a picture and then make the sound of that animal. Some animals may make more than 1 sound eg cat- purr or meow. Talk about why the animals might make those sounds.

Objective: To use their voices to imitate different sounds and distinguish between sounds.

To understand that sounds can be used to communicate with others .


Mark Making fun

Encourage the children to make their own animal cards or draw on the dice for the game above.

Objective: To develop an understanding that marks can be used for a purpose.





4 June 2020

Sound Stones

13 May 2020

Phonics stones rhyming activity

6 May 2020

Train sound rhymes

22 April 2020

Speed sound pebbles

Phonics:  Sound for this week is n

Silly Sentence: Nurse Nora nicely nibbled on a nut.  

Challenge 1- Make yourself a microphone- Find a tubular container that is easy to hold. Next you need something to act as a drum skin to put over the open end- a burst balloon or old washing up glove is perfect for this. Make sure it is tight over the end so it will vibrate when you talk. Now talk into your microphone- does it change how your voice sounds? If you talk into it with you lips touching the drum what does it feel like? Does it feel different when you make different sounds? Now you are ready to hold a concert for your family. If you want to you could dress up for this.

Objective: To encourage the childto distinguish between the sounds they make when they talk.

To encourage the child to sing a range of songs

Mark Making fun

Use an old decorating brush and a bucket of water on a sunny day and paint circles, zigzags, straight lines maybe some letters too, try lots of different size n . Watch as the sun dries them and start again.

Objective: To encourage children to engage in making marks and develop an interest in writing.