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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'



Hi Timmy!  How are you today?  Ready for some phonics?  Great!


Activity 1.  Do you have a skipping rope? It might be best to try this outside!  Rebecca, please get a collection of recent sound cards to show Timmy.  Timmy, you need to shout out the sounds whilst you are skipping!

Here's a music link for you to use:-

Activity 2.  Here's a short video for you watch:

What is it that Wallace wants?  What is the sound in the middle of the word?  Can you hear it?  Use your Robot Arms to help!

Our new sound is ee.  Let's watch a video about it ;


Have a go at saying the sound and doing the action.

Activity 3.   Have a look at the picture of the tree.  Can you read the words in it's branches?

Activity 4.  Rebecca, please could you print off the work sheet.  Timmy, cut out the sounds and then see if you can put them together like a jigsaw to make words with the ee sound.



Activity 5. Tricky Words.  Timmy choose another page from your Tricky Word Booklet to complete.

Activity 6.  Rebecca, please print this off for Timmy.  Timmy, here is a dot to dot picture.  Join the numbers together to reveal the picture!  I wonder what it will be!