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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Jumping Kangaroos



Can you do some warm-up exercises before we start our lesson? Try some of these:


leg bends, shoulder arm circles, jumping jacks, side bends, lunges, torso twists, slow jog, ankle twists


Today we are looking at jumping.

Firstly it is important that we land correctly to avoid injury. Check out this guidelines below:

Kangaroos: The purpose of the game is to practise jumping and landing safely, taking off from two feet and landing safely on two feet with control. Give instructions to your child for the following actions:

  • Kangaroo, over the bush (the children to jump as high as they can)
  • Kangaroos, side to side (the children jump and land with both their feet together)
  • Kangaroos, fast as you can (children make fast, small jumps)
  • Kangaroos, slow (slow, bigger jumps landing softly). 


How High?  Think about what we need to do with our bodies to be able to jump as high as we can. Introduce this as ‘jumping for height’ and explain where and when this skill may be useful (high jump in athletics, jumping over obstacles, jumping in a game to reach a high ball, etc.). Look at these guidleines.



Now have a little stretch out to end the lesson.


Mrs Csmiley