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  • Crosby Ravensworth CE (A) Primary School
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Travel to and from school

More than half of our pupils come to school each day on minibuses provided by the Local Authority.  Most children are entitled to free transport to school if they live outside Crosby Ravensworth.  Please click here to apply for free transport.


If you are applying for a place at the school, you must apply for your free transport separately; acceptance at the school does not automatically mean that your child will receive a bus pass.


Start of the day


In the mornings, school does not open until 8.45 am unless your child is attending breakfast club.  If your child is outside alone before this time, there is no adult present to keep an eye on them.  Staff need time before lessons to get ready for the day's work, and cannot supervise children at the same time.


End of the day


You must tell a member of school staff (and the bus driver if necessary) if your child's home time arrangements have altered.  Phone messages, emails or written notes are all acceptable.  This can otherwise cause confusion for staff as well as pupils.  To reiterate, if we have not received a message from you about changes, and your child uses the minibus, he/she will go home on the minibus.  Your co-operation will also ensure that minibuses are not driven to school unnecessarily.