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  • Crosby Ravensworth CE (A) Primary School
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Current Board of Governors

Composition of the Board


As established in our Instrument of Government, we have twelve governors:


  • two parents (elected by the parents)
  • two staff members (one of whom is always the Headteacher, the other is elected by the staff)
  • one foundation governor (appointed by the Local Authority)
  • one foundation governor (who is always the officiating minister for the parish)
  • six foundation governors (who are appointed by the Diocese)


As far as the foundation governors are concerned, the Local Authority and the Diocese will welcome nominations either from invididuals themselves or from the current board.  Where appointed or elected, board members participate for the term of office set out in the Instrument of Government (four years) unless otherwise indicated.

The current Board


The Board of Governors is currently:


Name Status Appointed:

Term of office ends

Duncan Priestley Staff (ex officio) not applicable not applicable
Susan Pattinson Staff (elected by staff)

October 2014

(re-elected January 2019

January 2023
Reverend Stewart Fyfe Foundation (ex officio) not applicable not applicable
Liz Lindwall Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 16 March 2017 March 2021
Debbie McCall  Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 3 May 2017 May 2021
Linda White Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 17 July 2017 July 2021
Neil Hughes Local Authority (appointed by) 4 June 2019  June 2023
John Walton Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 17 February 2020 January 2024
Tom Cripps  Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 17 February 2020 January 2024
Tom Hollis Parent (elected by parents) 28 June 2020 May 2024
VACANT Parent (elected by parents) Vacant from September 2020  
VACANT Foundation (appointed by Diocese) Vacant from January 2021  


Others holding office during the past twelve months:


Name Status Appointed:

Stepped down:

Alan Woodward Foundation (appointed by Diocese) 16 March 2017 December 2020
Marie Louisa Raeburn Parent (elected by parents) 31 October 2017 July 2020
Sarah Rogers Foundation (appointed by Diocese) December 2012, re-appointed 16 March 2017 July 2019
Ruth Painter Local Authority (appointed by) 4 July 2018 November 2018
John Paul Turnbull Parent (elected by parents) February 2013; (resigned June 2015, but resumed July 2015); re-elected March 2017

July 2018


Becky Day Foundation (appointed by Diocese) November 2015

July 2018


Marion Rucker Parent (elected by parents) January 2016

May 2017 

Helen Gill Foundation (appointed by Diocese) November 2014 January 2017
Neil Cruickshank Foundation (appointed by Diocese) December 2013 (re-appointment) July 2016 
David Evans

Associate Governor (non-voting)

October 2015

July 2016 (end of term of office)

Governors' Skills


The National Governors Association offers a template for auditing the skills of the governing body.  This helps the board to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and to address them through training and recruitment of new governors and associate governors.


We updated our skills audit in December 2018 and added two new members in April 2019.  The results - presented anonymously - can be seen here.


We will update this audit on a regular basis - when governors change or when governors feel their skills have developed!