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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Foundation stage curriculum area

Make a flower picture

On a piece of corrugated card draw a pot or vase shape and above it punch holes big enough to thread flower stems through but not too big. Encourage your child to make patterns on their vase. Zigzags, straight and circles are good as they develop writing skills.

Next let your child go outdoors with some safe scissors and their picture. They cut a few flower stems and thread them through the holes. Before cutting flowers talk to your child about not taking too many, making sure there are plenty left to grow (particularly if they are wildflowers)

Extend the activity by counting the flowers. How many different types do they have? How many of each type etc.

 Objective: To develop mark making skills

To show awareness of nature and the need to protect it.

To develop fine motor skills and counting skills.

11 June 2020

Growing tomatoes

Make patterns using stones or pebbles, maybe make spirals rows or squares. For inspiration look up Andy Goldsworthy on the internet or look at his stone egg in the village.

Objective: To handle natural materials and to be aware of patterns in nature.

4 June 2020

Foundation stage curriculum Challenge

We will be thinking about the seaside a bit this half term and will be having rainbow fish stories. Can you make your own rainbow fish and use them to decorate your room or a window etc.

Foundation stage curriculum Challenge

Find a range of natural objects and a stick to make a stick character or a set of characters. Maybe you could make up a story about them and act it out for your family.

13 May 2020

Look what is in a pond

Foundation stage curriculum Challenge

Think of a character. – This could be from a book or film etc or one you have made up yourself. Pretend you are that character and tell someone about your character when they ask questions.

Questions could be:

What type of character are you? Animal or person?

What do you like to eat?

Who are you friends?

What makes you feel happy?

What makes you feel scared?

You could dress up as your character and draw a picture of it.

Objective: To encourage the child to respond to questions and answer in a way that is relevant to  the question.

Flower treasure hunt - matching colours

Sorry for abrupt end to video.... Someone started moving wheelie bins about and making a racket.