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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Year 1/2

​​​​​​Col - an island Life


Struay, where Katie Morag lives, is a fictional island based on a real island off the west coast of Scotland called Col. Can you find it on this map?

Look at this aerial photograph of Col, it is taken by a satellite in space from what is called a bird's eye perspective.

Can you find any of these features from the photograph? You can use the zoom button to help you. 


sea, roads, sandy beaches, fields,  a wood, the pier for the ferry,  lochs (or tarns as we might call them), houses


Now click on the map button on the bottom left of the satellite photo and it will become a map. How do they look different?



Below is a better map of Col showing some human and physical features. If you visited Col this is what you would need to find your way around. Can you find:


sea, roads, sandy beaches, a small loch (or tarn as we might call it), houses, a campsite, a lighthouse, a castle?


How have they shown these things on the map? What colours or pictures are they?

Now I would like you to draw a map of your garden or somewhere you know well. What colours or pictures will you use to represent these features? You might want to include:


bushes,  trees, lawn,  your house,  a gate,  flower beds, any play equipment