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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Please complete the work on the second page - 'solving problems'.

Look at the example carefully in challenge 1 and set your answers out the same way.

Read through each clue carefully before completing challenge 2.  Discuss your answers with an adult.

If you have time and you're doing well - have a look at challenge 3.  Don't feel you have to complete everything on the page!

Please complete the work on the second page of the document - 'Solving word problems'.

Challenge 1 - think carefully about whether you need a plus, minus, divide or multiply sign.

Challenge 2 - most people don't have a 0-9 dice at home.  But you could ask google or siri or amazon... 'give me a number between zero and nine'.  Make sure you write out your calculation in full.

Challenge 3 - If you're going to have a go at these ones as well, read the questions and think carefully about which operation you will need to perform - is it plus, minus, multiply or divide?

Challenge 1 - think hard about which operation you need to put in the place of the star.  Could it be plus, minus, multiply or divide?

Challenge 2 - Just like challenge 1, you'll have to think carefully about which of the operations to use.  Some of them get quite tricky and require two operations.

Challenge 3 - These are particularly tricky - I recommend taking a break!

Please go straight to challenge 2 and practice your long division.  Have another look at the video demonstration I gave yesterday if you've forgotten how.  There are lots of youtube videos that can also help.  Have a look at the one below.

Long Division

A guide of how to divide a three digit number by a two digit number