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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'

Year 1

Please can your firstly quickly run through the phase 5 flashcards that your child finds tricky.


Split diagraph/ magic e


Now recall the e-e sound that we did yesterday by playing the Buried Treasure game on Phonicsplay: phase 5 e-e.

Today we are looking at i-e. Please watch this activity on Espresso and do the reading and spelling activities.

Next can you make a magic wand from a stick or pipe cleaners of whatever you have to hand. Now parent please can you write this word on pieces of paper and put them around the room or garden:


pin   lik  spin  slid   rip   shin  outsid  invit


Now can your child bring you one word at a time:

  • read it
  • say a magic spell 
  • you can add an e
  • they say the word again