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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Daily News 60 second update


Start by watching the 60 second news update on espresso. 

You can log-in by using the USER NAME: student 9626      and PASSWORD: crosby3


Now, read the playscript below of my own news bulletin...



Newscaster Brian: Good morning, I'm Brian Trousers.

Newscaster Erin: And I'm Erin Smith.  Here is the news.

(News theme plays loud tune)

Newscaster Brian: An elephant escaped from the zoo in Dalton this morning. It happened after a zoo keeper who'd worked a long night-shift forgot to close the door securely on the enclosure.  Staff arrived at 8am to find the door open and the elephant was missing.  Police are currently hunting surrounding areas and are advising motorists in the area to take care.

(short jingle plays in background)

Newscaster Erin: A fire broke out at a factory in Kendal last night.  No-one was injured but it's believed that thousands of pounds worth of damage was done at the Feetmints Industrial Estate.  John Jones, the manager of  'John's Kitchens' spoke to our reporter...

John Jones: I've no idea how the fire started but it's devastated the building.  I'm absolutely gutted; it's going to be a big job to build the business up again but we'll try.

(short jingle plays in background)

Newscaster Brian: Sports News - It's just been announced that the children of Crosby Ravensworth School in Cumbria have won the award for most promising junior team of the year.  The school, which has just 25 pupils, impressed the judges thanks to some amazing performances in tag rugby and High 5.  They also showed a remarkable improvement in football.  Here's team goalkeeper Danny Woodstrover...

Danny: We're all so proud - it just shows what can be achieved if you work hard at your dreams.  

Newscaster Erin: And finally, archaeologists working in Antarctica have just discovered the existence of  giant penguins, some beyond 2 metres in height, who used to wander the ice.  That's twice as high as a present-day Emperor Penguin.  The amazing creatures lived over 34 million years ago and would have been able to hold their breath for 40 minutes in order to catch fish.

Newscaster Brian:  That's all the news for this morning - see you tomorrow!





Notice how I've set out the playscript.  You can follow this link to a powerpoint that explains how to do it.


Here are your tasks:

1) Find out which of the stories above is real, and which are 'fake news'.  You might need to google them!

2) Read out my news bulletin playscript - practice using different voices for the different characters or get someone else to read the other parts with you.  Could you make up some more news stories?

3) (optional!)  Record yourself reading my news bulletin on your computer.  Can you write your own jingle?  You could sing it or play it on an instrument in your house.  

4) Have a go at writing your own news bulletin using EITHER (a) The stories from the Espresso 60 news or (b) your own imagination.


Your writing should be set out on the first page of your new exercise books.  Please choose a title and write the date at the top, underlining them carefully.


I'd love to see how you get on.  Please send any pictures of your work and/or recordings of your news bulletins to my email address -


Have fun!