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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Geography  -sorry I have put this in the wrong place!

Map Keys


So year 2s, we have been looking at physical and human features and compared aerial photographs and maps. Today we looking at keys. Those are the little pictures on the side of a map that tell you what the things on a map are. I have attached a map below for you to look at. If you have a real map to look at that would be great. Have a look at the pictures on the key and see if you can find them on the map.

Your next activity is to look at the symbols on the key on the worksheet below and match them up to the word on the right.


( Parents: no need to print off but I found that once you have downloaded the document, look on the tool bar on the top of the screen and find page view, you can make it a two page spread which is much easier). 

Now why not design some of your own symbols for a key.  These could be things that are physical or human. To be on a key though they have to be permanent things that do not move around. Don't forget to write next to them what they are.