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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Year 1

BIG MATHS:  Maximum 10 minutes

Counting in 2s:  Please practice counting in 2s.  Make it as fun and active as you can; walk up and down stairs counting in 2s, throw and catch a ball counting in 2s, count 2p coins, count pairs of socks.


Learn its:  Please start learning your 2x table.  Watch the supermovers video clip below and sing and dance along!  You could log onto hit the button and try answering questions about the 2x table too.



Measuring length


You will need:

A ruler

A meter stick or a piece of string the length of 1 meter


Look how tiny a mm is...what things would you measure in mm?  (Ants, fingernails, blueberry, peanut etc)

Look at a cm...what would you measure in cm?  (Length of your arm, picture frame, height of a plant, pencil case)

Look at a meter...what would you measure in meters?  (height of door, length of a room, height of a house)

Discuss how km are used to measure distance between places.


Please complete the cm or meters game on espresso (see link below)


Using your ruler walk around your house or garden and predict which objects will be longer/shorter than the ruler.  Use your ruler to measure them exactly.


There are 100cm in a meter.  Repeat the above activity using the meter stick or length of string.


Use pg 22 of pupil book to record some of your findings.


How tall are you?