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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Hi Timmy! Welcome to your Friday Phonics!  Let's get started!


Activity 1.  Rebecca, please could you make a selection of sounds and make up "pairs" on small pieces of paper.  Timmy, we are going to play "Phonics Pairs".  Choose a card to turn over and say the sound you see.  Next try and find the same sound again by turning over another card.  Every time you turn over a card you must say the sound.. If you make a pair, you get to keep them!  If you don't, you must turn the cards back over and start again! Good  Luck!

Activity 2.  Timmy, what is the opposite of the word "No"? .... "Yes"!  What sound does the word start with?  so, our sound today is the y.  Let's watch the video to find out about it.



Pretend you are eating a yoghurt!  Do the action and say the sound!  Yum-yum!


    Look at the letter.  Can you use your finger to draw a y in the air?

Activity 3.  Let's play a game!  Obb and Bob are going to help you with your new sound.  Say the words on the screen, can you tell which are real and which are fake?  Follow the link to find out!

Activity 4.  Look at the pictures.  Can you write the words that go with each picture?  They all begin with y.  You will need your white board and pen.  Don't forget to hold your pen properly!








Activity 5.  Tricky Words.  This is your word today:-



 Don't forget to practise it and keep it in your word pot.  Remember the Tricky Word Song can help!


Activity 6.  Yellow is a great colour!  It's bright and sunny and can make you feel happy!  Why don't you paint a picture of the sun, but using hand prints, not a brush!  Have fun!