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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Grace Darling


Last week we learned all about Grace Darlings heroic rescue of the SS Forfarshire passengers.  Please open the Grace Darling topic pack below and scroll down to pg16, print the pictures off if you can but please don't worry if not.  Have a go at sequencing the pictures and discussing what is happening in each picture.


Encourage your child to think about what the word ‘famous’ means. Who do they know who is famous? Why is he or she famous? What other famous people from the past do they know about? What did they do to become famous? How do we find out about famous people?
Discuss how often we see or find out about famous people from the media. Explain that this was exactly the same for Grace Darling. Newspapers wrote about her story and she became very well known. Explain that today they will be writing their own newspaper reports


Go back onto the Grace Darling topic pack below and read your children the newspaper report on pg18.  


Discuss the features of a newspaper report:  Headline (grab readers attention)



                                                                       Quotes from people who were there (This could be passenger or                                                                               Grace herself)


Children can use the template on pg17 to write their own newspaper article about Grace's rescue.  If your child would prefer to write their newapaper using the computer their is an online version of a newspaper template (see link below).



Have fun

Grace Darling topic pack