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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'



Hi Timmy, I hope you've had a good break.  Are you ready for some more phonics?  Let's do this!

Activity 1.  Let's see if we can remember our sounds and Tricky Words!  Rebecca can you choose a selection of sounds and words and write them on cards.  Hang these cards on a washing line or place them around the garden.  Timmy,  listen to the sound or word and see if you can find the correct card to go with it.  Here's some music to go with the activity.

Activity 2.  Do you have a favourite animal? What other kinds of animals can you think of? Where can you go to visit lots of wild animals from different parts of the world?  That's right, the Zoo!



What sound does zoo begin with?  The z sound, and that's our new sound for today!



Let's watch the video and find out some more about it.


Can you practise the z on your white board?  Don't forget to hold your pen properly!


Activity 3.  Let's imagine we're going to the Zoo!  Rebecca, for this activity you will need some toy animals, or pictures of animals and the following words written on cards:- zebra, zip, zero, zoom, zig-zag.  Timmy, we're going to walk around the Zoo and visit the animals.  When you visit a new animal, you must read the word they have!  Good Luck!


Did you know that you can also make the z sound like this, zz.  This sound usually comes at the end of words like buzz and fizz.



There's a song about the Zoo, do you know it?  Click the link and sing along!


Activity 4.  Let's write a sentence!  You will need your white board and pen.  Rebecca, could you read out the following sentence for Timmy to have a go at:-


Zak the zebra in a zoo!



Activity 5.  Tricky Words.  How are you getting on with the Tricky Words?  I hope you remember to practise them!

The new word to go in your pot today is:-



Remember, the Tricky Word song can help:-


Activity 6.  We're going to read and listen to a book!  Do you know the story Dear Zoo?  Click on the link to enjoy the book, it's great!