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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Spending Money

Start by singing 5 current buns in a bakers shop.  Allow your child to take away a currant bun (this may be a circle of paper) in exchange for a pennie each time you sing, "along came Timmy/Lucy with a pennie one day, bought a current bun and took it away."


Set up a little shop with toys that are labelled with prices.  Make sure the prices are less than 10p! "Can you tell me how much the book costs?"  "How much does the teddy cost?"


Give your child a purse with only 1 pence pieces in.  Allow them to buy single items from the shop and count out the correct amount of pennies to pay for each item.  Have fun role-playing in the shop and leave it out ready for Thursday's lesson!