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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'

Year 2

Hi year 2's and parents,


We are looking at superlative adjectives today. Not as scary as they sound!

  1. Watch this video. It's a bit speedy so you may need to pause it to discuss with the kids.
  2. Make some comparatives in the house eg who is tall, taller, tallest. old, older, oldest. weigh things and order heavy, heavier heaviest etc. If it ends in 'er' it is a comparative adjective, if it ends in 'est' it is a superlative adjective, if it ends in neither it is just an adjective.
  3. Do yellow workbook p2B, 13 (if they haven't done it already!) On p13 we have done lots of practice on changing endings so they should be good. Only difference in the workbook is:
  • ending in 'e', I teach them drop the 'e' and and add suffix 'est' and where it says 
  • end in y= change the y to i and add er, it should be add est.
  • If they have done p13 already then please test them on spelling the words as superlative adjectives by changing the endings. 

Then talk about and do p24.


Don't forget to read and practice your spellings. smiley