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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Hi Timmy!  I hope you've had a lovely Easter!  Did you have lots of Easter Eggs?  Are you ready to do some phonics? Great! yes


Activity 1.  It's really important to go over the sounds we already know.  Rebecca, please could you take the sound cards in the pack that Timmy has already learnt and place them around the room or garden.  Tell Timmy which sound he has to find and he has to bring the card back to you.  We usually do this to music in school.  Here's a link you can use.


Activity 2.  Click on the link about the ck sound and watch the video:

Let's practise writing that sound.  Use the white board from your pack.  Do you remember how to hold your pen?

How to hold your pen

Still image for this video

Activity 3.  Ok, now that you've learnt the ck sound, let's play a game to practise reading words that have the ck sound at the end.  Click on the link to play Odd and Bob, remember to choose the ck sound!


Activity 4.  Let's try and write some words!  You will need your white board with the frame on it to help you.  Don't forget to hold your pen properly!  Look at the pictures, What can you see?



Activity 5.   Tricky Words.   You should have some Tricky Words in your word pot.  Please add the word the to the pot.  Rebecca, could you help him to read and practise this.


Activity 6.  I think it's time for some fun!  Grab a football and head to the garden!  Do you know how to kick a ball?  What sound can you hear at the end of the word kick?  That's right, ck!  Can you remember any other ck words?  Every time you say the right word (Mummy will tell you) you get to kick the ball!  How many goals can you score?!