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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Year 1

Big Maths:  Max 10 minutes


Please repeat yesterday's big maths lesson then have a go at doubling on the 'hit the button' link below.  Click on 'doubles' look at the 'multiples of 10' section to the right and click on 'up to 100'.  



Adding 10 (New Concept)


The children haven't come across adding and subtracting 10 yet so I would like to split this lesson up into 2 lessons, today we will look at adding 10.


You will need to get your 100-square out of your maths pack or there is an interactive one you can use on espresso or pg33 of pupil maths book.  If you have a toy spider get that out too!  I like to teach adding 10 using a spider because when spiders hang down from their web they move either up or down not side to side.  We can use spiders to help us add ten.


Circle or point to a number on your 100 square, use the spider to help you add 10 by moving it one space down the grid.  Repeat for lots of other numbers on the grid.  Discuss what you notice when adding 10 (The ones digit stays the same).


Complete the first 5 questions on pg33 about adding 10.  Then go onto the espresso game 'adding ten' using the link below.