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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'

Year 2

Big Maths:  Max 10 minutes


Practice counting in 3s!


Learn its:  You need to know the following addition facts off by heart so keep practicing them as much as you can.


Know these facts

6+8    5+7    5+8    5+9    6+9   7+9 


Position and Direction

Watch the video below which explains right angled turns very clearly!


Go out and place objects around your garden, give your child instructions as to how to get to each object; can they follow your instructions?  Be sure to use the following vocabulary...

  • walk forward ? spaces
  • walk backwards ? spaces
  • Make a right angled turn clockwise
  • Make a right angled turn anti-clockwise
  • Half turn left/right
  • 3-quarter turn clockwise/anti-clockwise


Let them provide instructions for you to follow too!


Complete Pg 11 of pupil book