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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'


Good morning everyone. 

Thanks to those of you who have already sent in some wonderful pieces of writing about 'My Life in Lockdown'.  I'm going to post them all in the Hall of Fame later today, so you can see what each other have been getting up to during your time at home.  For those of you who haven't sent in your writing yet, please try your best to get them in to me by Wednesday afternoon at the latest so I can pass them on to Kitty who will put them in the Lyvennet Link, then you'll be FAMOUS!


Oak Academy Lessons

For those who prefer having a teacher to talk through the home learning slides each morning, the Oak Academy link is here. 

If you had difficulty navigating this site or loading the resources, just drop me an email or call the school for a chat.  I could arrange a video tutorial.

Select your year group, then 'Schedule'.   I suggest you pick the English and Maths lessons each day.  Feel free to have a look at the fourth lesson as well, although please leave it out if it proves a little too much as I usually add details of another lesson each day as well (little bit of something else).

You'll also notice there are buttons to click through to weekly assemblies and activity clubs.  These often feature some famous faces!



For those who'd like to keep going with bitesize.  The week's lessons, which have been split into days and age ranges, can be seen here

  • Daily lessons are here!  Follow the link to open up the full menu of age-appropriate daily lessons. Each lesson is backed by a range of fun videos, games and activities. You can continue to use your home learning exercise books and maths books to write in.  The links below take you straight to your year group for today.



Little bit of something else - Geography

Our topic is 'Extreme Earth'.  You will learn about the destructive powers of nature, from volcanoes and earthquakes to tsunamis and tornadoes and how and why these natural phenomena occur, and the ways in which they affect people and the environment.  You already have some background in this, through having looked at the 'rocks' topic with Ms Lowthian earlier this year. 


Today's file is called 'earthquakes'.  You're going to learn what causes earthquakes and how they are measured.  Click below to open up the powerpoint and read through the slides carefully.  Make sure you start by selecting the slideshow option so that all the links to videos work.  Talk about what you see with an adult.  There is also an activity sheet that links to the slides.  Remember, 3 stars is the hardest sheet.