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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


The creation story


We have been learning about the creation story.  Christians believe that God provides everything we need to survive (water, land, air, sunlight, food to grow, animals and people) so humans should thank God and try their best to look after the world.


Ask your child to make a quick lego or playdough model or bring out something they have made previously.  Discuss how they would feel if you were to vandalise the object?  When a creator makes something how do they want their creation to be treated?


Christians believe the world is God's creation, how would he feel to see the Earth covered in litter, trees and rainforests cut down, rivers and seas polluted?


Activity:  Watch the video below which outlines many environmental issues.  Draw the Earth in the middle of a piece of paper.  In red pen, around the picture of the Earth, write or draw all the things that would make God SAD about the world (throwing litter, pollution, global warming, poaching) and in green pen write or draw all the things that would make God HAPPY about the world (renewable energy, recycling, conservation, reducing).  


Click on the link below, go to 'video vault' click on 'one planet future'.