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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'

Year 1

Adding 'ed' to make words past tense.


Hi Cooper, Rowan, Lucy and parents,


  1. Yesterday we looked at some words we might use when talking about the past which ended in ed.  Play this game with an adult - have 2 pieces of paper on opposite sides of the room - one says 'now', one says 'past'. The adult will say a sentence with a doing word that is now or in the past. eg. they might say "I cook the dinner" or they might say "I cooked the dinner", you have to decide if it is now or in the past, run to the correct piece of paper that says 'now' or 'past'. Were you right?
  2. Sometimes the past tense 'ed' sounds like just 'd' - liked, sometimes 't' - jumped and sometimes 'id' -  painted. Briefly explain this to the children.
  3. Now give the children these words to practice spelling on their whiteboards eg. jumped, looked, played, painted, they know how to spell 'like' so you could explain with 'like' you just add 'd' as it already has an 'e'.
  4. The children can watch the reading of The Smartest Giant in Town below and can listen out for past tense words.
  5. After watching the video and a little break, can they write 3 sentences in their writing books of things that happened in the story. Try and encourage them to use words ending in 'ed'. If the spellings are complicated like hopped, I would only expect them to write hoped at this stage. Don't forget:

* capital letters at the start of a sentence and for a name

* full stops at the end of a sentence 

* finger spaces

* correct formation of letters

If you want to screen shot your writing and email it to me, I would love to see it!

The Smartest Giant In Town (Part 1 of 2).wmv

Kids story The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson part 1

The Smartest Giant In Town (Part 2 of 2).wmv

Kids story The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson part 2