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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'

Year 1

Good morning Lucy, Rowan and Cooper.



  1. Please put the phase 5 sound cards we have done so far around the garden, then call out a sound and ask your child to bring it to you. Can they move like different animals to collect the cards?
  2. Now can your child do the reading activity on Espresso to recap the ph sound that we did yesterday.       
  3. Can your child recall what sound these letters make:  or   ?
  4. Today we are looking at aw and au which make the same sound. Show the children these digraphs and explain this to them.    
  5. Create 3 areas in the garden and put a sound aw, au or or in each one. Your child could even set up a little challenge course to get to each one. Now write the words below on pieces of paper and give them to your child. They have to read them and take them to the correct sound area. Once all are done, can they bring you the words back and read them again?


saw  fork  August  launch  raw  haunt  short  hawk  automatic   drawer   sport  author  Paul  straw  squawk


Writing - speech in speech bubbles

Read the Activity 1 extract again from BBC Bitesize, picking out what each character actually said. Parents please show your child the photo below and explain that you only write what a character said in a speech bubble.

Picture 1

Then in your writing books draw each character from the extract and a big speech bubble coming from each of their mouths. Think of something else that each character might say and write it in each of their speech bubbles. Remember:


  • Start your sentence with a capital letter and finish with a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark.
  •  Only write what they actually said.