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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Hi Rebecca, today in Phonics we are looking at letters already covered satpni, mdgock, 

  1. Please go through red phonics book with Timmy, encouraging him to say the sounds and do the actions. He should have a copy of all the letters and actions in his pack. He is strong on the first group, so we will revisit m and d today. 
  2. Watch m sound and d sound videos. These links are to Espresso Learning: username: student9626  password: crosby3. We shall use this site a lot so it is probably worth saving the password. 
  3. Timmy can practise writing these letters correctly, starting in the correct place- with a magic wand in the air (stick), then with his finger dipped in water on the table, then with a pen on his whiteboard, making sure he uses the tripod grip. I have attached a document below on this for you as Timmy would benefit from developing some strength in this area.
  4. He should have a card with three boxes on it (phonic frame) in his pack and some magnetic letters. Please can you make him up some 3 letter words using the letters satpni, mdgock. He needs to press imaginary buttons under each letter to make the sound then put them together to say the word. this video shows you how.
  5. You can then ask him to spell some words and he has to choose the letters from the selection above- focus on beg and end sounds.
  6. As an extra activity, Timmy could maybe go outside with a stick and explore different sounds things make while pretending to play the drums, saying dddd. 
  7. I have given Timothy books on the pink level. Some introduce the ORT characters and the others build on phonics. On the reverse of the phonics books are the sounds covered in them, please only use the books that cover the sounds we have mentioned above.
  8. Good luck!