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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Hi Rebecca, today in Phonics we are looking at letters already covered satpni, mdgock, 

  1. Please place the above letter cards (in pack) with the above sounds around the house/ garden. Timmy can bring you them and tell you what sound they make and action.
  2. If Timmy is still a little unsure of m and d then please look at them again with him. Put letter cards on table and with him sort items that match each sound eg. map, mat, match, mop, dinosaur, digger, toy dog, duck, dice.
  3. Introduce letter g. He could watch this video
  4. Timmy can practise writing g and d correctly, as they start in the same place. Write with a magic wand in the air (stick), then with his finger in sugar or flour on a plate, then with a pen on his whiteboard, making sure he uses the tripod grip. 
  5. Timmy can do the same activity as yesterday with the phonics frame and magnetic letters.  Please can you make him up some 3 letter words using the letters satpni, mdgock. He needs to press imaginary buttons under each letter to make the sound then put them together to say the word. this video shows you how.
  6. You can then ask him to spell some words and he has to choose the letters from the selection above- focus on beg and end sounds.
  7. As an extra activity, Timmy could maybe go outside and choose an area to make a tiny garden. Can he make a path, a gate, some grass, some flowers or trees or anything else? Can he find anything to put in it from his toy box- a goose, a goat, ?