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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Hi Timmy and family,




  1. Today, please can you make cards with matching letters to the ones we have covered so far satpnimdg. Mix them up with the same ones from the pack, turn them face down, then Timmy needs to turn 2 cards over at a time, say their sound and try to find pairs. 
  2. Use the cards to make real/ fake words. Can he read them and tell you which are real/fake?


Tricky words


  1. Please can you introduce Timothy to the word I. Show him how to write it and he can practice this, maybe with some water and a paintbrush on the outside wall or paving slabs. 
  2. Do some actions and Timothy has to guess what they are eg. brushing your teeth, drinking, skipping. Then say "I can drink, I can skip" etc. What can Timmy do? Swap roles. Timmy can say "I can ...."
  3. Now Timmy can draw a picture of himself doing an action in his book and underneath he can write "I can ....." He can copy this from a sentence he tells you and you write it . He could probably also help you spell 'can'. In his independent writing Timmy has stepped up from using squiggles to using letters.  Remember how we showed you how to hold your pencil correctly Timothy? Can you read the sentence back, pointing to the words?