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'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'
'A love of learning for life in all its fullness'

Information for our Parents

Here you will find all the information needed by parents on a day-to-day basis. School letters are sent via email (to those parents who have supplied an email address) but all parents continue to receive letters in hard copy. They are then made aware of the fact that a letter has been sent out, and can still read it even if the original has gone missing. If you wish to opt out of receiving paper letters at all, except on rare occasions, you can do so; several parents have opted for this.


If the letter is seeking consent (for a trip, for example) you may give permission by way of an email if you prefer. You can also inform school of reasons for absence, intended family holiday dates, and changes to going home arrangements using this method if you wish. A reply will be sent so that you know your email has been read.

Visit school and pre-school at 'Pop in & Play'


Parents can come and see all the exciting things we have to offer at one of our regular ‘Pop in and Play’ open sessions.  Follow the link below for details.