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'Promoting a love of learning'
'Promoting a love of learning'


Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale

Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale 1


Florence Nightingale


Last week we found out about Florence Nightingale. What do you remember about her? Tell your parent.

  • Reception and Year 1 watch this video to remember, Year 2s can watch it too if need be
  • Yr2 can now do the reading comprehension below. Read p7 and 8 and answer the questions on p9 in your school book.


Mary Seacole


Now we are going to find out about another nurse who lived at about the same time called Mary Seacole.

Watch the powerpoint below

Can you find Jamaica on a world map? Which continent is it part of?
  • Reception and Year 1: Can you make your own herbal preparations like Mary Seacole did? What can you find in your garden to add- mud, water, leaves, moss? What will you use it to cure the soldiers of - poorly tummies, a bad leg, a cut on the head? Maybe you could write a list of the ingredients of your special cure on your whiteboard.
  • Year 2: I have attached some questions about Mary Seacole (p2 of the document) that I thought you could make into a game, eg. throw a dice, if you get an even number you have to answer a question, with an odd number you collect a token eg a coin, a little snack, get the answer right and you collect another token. How many tokens can you collect?
  • Year 2s: What were the similarities and differences between Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole?